Update 00 // Introduction


Update 00 // Introduction


Hello! I am Troy better known as Trikeri on the interwebs, founder and creator of the Nuldrums! Here I will give anyone arriving at this blog a brief introduction on my vision and roadmap for the Nuldrums as it will eventually encompass much more than just video games released via Core.


// The Nuldrums //

    There exists a place where everything dull is nullified. Colors drip from every creature, textures are carried by the breeze, sounds ripen and hang from trees. Everything is exciting and rife with energy, it is called The Nuldrums. Guided by Nully the cat Trikeri searches the nuldrums for exotic sounds, images and experiences in order to try and bring them back to our world and brighten it up.

(Nully the cat)

    The Nuldrums is a fictional world that is constantly outputting creative content in every medium. It began as a video game company and will continue to remain so for the moment. For the near future (now until the end of 2021) the video games will be limited to a few small prototypes released via Core which will be converted into full UE5 releases depending on their levels of success. All music and audio/visual experiences will remain as releases through the Trikeri project. Eventually I plan on the two becoming integrated by providing a virtual place for users to experience everything the Nuldrums has to offer in one place! At that point the Nuldrums will essentially become an all around multimedia company or as I like to call it, Omni-Art (all art forms).


// Phase 01 - Games Released Via CORE //

    Core is a new engine that is essentially "Unreal Engine 4" lite. I just discovered it a few weeks ago and it is incredibly promising. They have removed most of the heavy lifting involved with creating a persistent multiplayer game. User accounts, data storage on a database and multiplayer networking have all been made much much easier. Manticore games handles the hosting of ALL of this and it is truly an incredible feat in my opinion. Previous attempts to make persistent multiplayer games required me to host the database and servers on another machine in my own house or pay for servers through Amazon and the like. Content creators are restricted to the assets they provide (much like Dreams or Fortnite Creative) but where Core differs greatly is that their scripting system still allows developers to create ANY type of gameplay they can imagine. Devs still have full access to the most critical components needed inside of UE4 to get your gameplay up and running. Here is their official website if you wish to read more about it:    https://www.coregames.com/

    // Game #1 - Puppet Masters // Release ETA - Spring 2021
    Nuldrums game experience number 1 on core will be Puppet Masters (working title) It is a game centered around players battling enemies, and each other, with puppets that are commanded by throwing cards onto them. Combat will be a high speed mixture of turnbased and real time combat. Development progress will be tracked on this blog by either monthly or twice monthly posts depending on how the schedule works out, stay tuned for more!

.... to be continued! I am going to keep the other 2 prototypes secret for now but hopefully they can be released by the end of 2021 depending on Puppet Masters progress and success!

// Phase 02 - Convert Successful CORE games into full UE5 Releases //
    Hoping to have the first converted Core game done by Summer 2022

// Phase 03 - Create a Hub World for the Nuldrums //
    By the end of 2022 I plan on bringing Nuldrums full circle and creating a hub world where players can see interactive virtual music shows of my Trikeri project + other label members, as well as transport themselves to any Nuldrums games.

Nuldrums Socials:


// My Gamedev History / About Me //

    I started making video games almost 20 years ago as a kid. Eventually it led to me starting an Indie game in 2014, called Native, with Unity then Nuldrums was founded in 2015 as the company to publish it under. I ran a kickstarter for it in 2016 which ran short of its goal so I  pivoted to learning Unreal Engine 4 instead for a few years. I started my first job in the game industry at Epic Games as a QA Tester on Fortnite in 2018 then worked there for 2 years and had the opportunity to write the 'Prima Remix' lobby track for the game. I've also participated in Global Game Jam from 2013 - 2019. Examples of my work is in my demo reel which I'll link below if you're curious. I'll be trying to create a post on here either once a month or twice a month depending on my schedule!

GameDev Demo Reel: https://vimeo.com/284537227

// Music / Visuals - Trikeri //
Here are the links to all of my artist information for music and visuals if you feel like checking them out as well. I release about 1 tune a month and try to create original visuals for each one when time allows.


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