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Puppet Masters Update 04 // Party System and Group Combat!

     Hello and welcome to Update #4 of Puppet Masters! Its been a few months since the last one and ALOT has been added to the game, too much to cover in one post even! I will mostly be covering the biggest pillar that has been added so far and that is Parties and the team fights that are now possible because of it! Players can now fight against enemies and battle against each other in groups of 2 or 3. A ton of other visual details have been added as well including custom puppet animations. Here is a video clip of a 3v3 fight vs some wolves! The first thing you'll notice is the UI has undergone a major overhaul to accommodate for group play! Both teams have their HP bars shown in the bottom corners of the screen with their corresponding hotkeys for targeting them above their health. The top number represents the current HP of the player, the bottom number is total health. With parties, a targeting system had to be created. Players can change friendly targets at anytime by pressing

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