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Update 00 // Introduction

Update 00 // IntroductionOverview:Hello! I am Troy better known as Trikeri on the interwebs, founder and creator of the Nuldrums!Here I will give anyone arriving at this blog a brief introduction on my vision and roadmap for the Nuldrums as it will eventually encompass much more than just video games released via Core.


// The Nuldrums //
There exists a place where everything dull is nullified. Colors drip from every creature, textures are carried by the breeze, sounds ripen and hang from trees. Everything is exciting and rife with energy, it is called The Nuldrums. Guided by Nully the cat Trikeri searches the nuldrums for exotic sounds, images and experiences in order to try and bring them back to our world and brighten it up.
(Nully the cat)
The Nuldrums is a fictional world that is constantly outputting creative content in every medium. It began as a video game company and will continue to remain so for the moment. For the near future (now until the…

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