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Update 03 // Puppet Masters - Card Mechanics

Welcome to Update number 3 of Puppet Masters! I will start off by saying the Closed Alpha is now LIVE! The game is on unlisted and playable anytime. Just join the Nuldrums discord, head over to the #alpha-invite channel and react to the post! A bot will apply the @Alpha-Tester role to you and send a direct message with a link to the game. I am pushing updates every couple days and posting a list of all the changes each week on Friday night with a ping for all @Alpha-Testers. Every Saturday afternoon between now and release there will also be 1 - 2 hour testing sessions with the community. Anyways, onward with the update! I'll start with a video showing everything thats going on in the combat so far then we'll break it down,  Decks are organized in "rings" since they are being played from the "Deck Ring" on the player's hip. Here is a screenshot of a sample deck being viewed in the deck editor, Whenever a player first beings a battle with a fresh deck the

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